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Handmade Hawaiian Quilts

Handmade Hawaiian Quilts, Bedspreads, and Comforters:

Some of our most popular items are our Hand Quilted, custom, Hawaiian Bed Spreads, Comforters.  Each of our "Kapa" (Hawaiian Quilt) is hand quilted by Master Quilters taught in the traditional Hawaiian Art and style of quilting.  Each Quilt has over 250,000 stitches and average 6-8 stitches per inch. We applique designs using the hidden or "blind" stitch onto the background material that is then quilted with a ripple or echo pattern.

Handmade Hawaiian Quilted Wall Hangings and Bed Coverings:

Our Wall hangings are Hand Quilted and Appliqued.  Each comes with dowel loops sewn onto the back for easy hanging.  

Handmade Hawaiian Quilted Pillow Slips and Covers:

Pillow Slips are a great way to bring Hawaiiana into your home!  18"x18" or 12"x12," each come with a heavy duty zipper allowing you to stuff your pillow and proudly display it around your home.  Care for these beauties is simple...cold water wash and line dry. You can match the wall Quilts and Bed Quilts with these pillow slips as well.  May we suggest framing them as well. Most frame shops are familiar with framing Quilts. Once that's done you will have a lasting piece of art that you and your family will enjoy a lifetime.